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Bronze age standing stone?

The standing stone at La Forclaz, known locally as the Menhir de Corneuile, is certainly impressive, and sited as bronze age standing stones often were, at a strategic place.  It is a high point and as a guide for people walking over from the Rhone Valley via Villars, a signpost pointing the way to Col du Pillon, the mountain pass that leads to Interlaken, and eventually St Gallen, an important walking route in Celtic times.  I could not help noticing that it points to the Col, and if I were a stranger, I’d be very glad of some guidance at that place, because there are lots of valleys and and mountains to get lost in!  The Celts used standing stones as guidance for travellers in their pan European road network.  The Ancient Paths by Graham Robb provides a great view of their land navigation abilities.