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We love Iceland. Here is the Iceland Ecotourism website.

Our favorite farm where you can stay is on the edge of beautiful Whale Fjord .  This is the view along the fjord from Namshestar at Kuludalsa.

"The farm Kuludalsa is located in West Iceland, near the small town Akranes and close to road number one. The owner is Ragnheidur Thorgrimsdottir. She is born and brought up on the farm and has a long career as a teacher.

When you leave Reykjavik you drive toward north. It takes about 40 minutes to drive to Kuludalsa. On the way there is a tunnel under Hvalfjörður/ Whalefjord. When you leave the tunnel on the north side, you drive toward east and it takes only 2 – 3 minutes from the tunnel and to the farm"


If you want to do some bigger tours of Iceland, we recommend Tyffi and Gunnsi.

"Season Tours offers a wide range of tours. Walking, Hiking, Driving, Dining. Tours in Reykjavik or from Reykjavik, to the North, South, East and West of Iceland or to our neighbors in Greenland or Faroe Islands. Day tours, two days, six days or just what you like.

 Whether you are interested in sailing, hiking, driving, strolling or flying above Iceland, Season Tours can fulfill your dreams and cater to all your wishes. Specialized, knowledgeable guides provide the rest as they educate, inform, entertain and inspire you on your travels."
Tyffi and the Scots at Glacier River
Danube with Kira

We took a tour to the Danube delta. Migratory birds make camp in the whole region and it is magnificent. We were treated to herons, cranes, cormorants and swans in abundance.  Going to the Danube delta meant that we saw a glimpse of what  this region would been in antiquity.  Salix English Tours gave us a fabulous experience.

Western Ukraine has a wonderful sense of   rediscovering some ancient wisdom. It seems not far away from the people and the past of the ancient civilizations.    The mix of peoples has the character of ancient Greeks, Scythians, Slavics, and the hint of Viking traders.

Western Ukraine is an amazing place.  Anyone who has not seen Odessa is missing out on an amazing cultural centre and a view into the glories of 19th century architecture and archaeology.