What to Wear

comfortable shoe
bring water

Gourmet Tour and Ormonts Valley Tour

No special requirements.  Just make sure your footwear is comfortable as we stop and walk around places of interest.  A good idea is to have a water bottle. Wear layers as it is often Tshirt weather in the full sun, and a jacket in the shady spots.

hiking shoe
hiking French Alps

Hike and Bike and Alpine Hiking Tours

Hiking shoes or boots.  Hiking pants and a waterproof jacket to deal with any unexpected changes in weather.  Leysin is at 1500 meters above sea level, so it is a good idea to have a couple of layers, t-shirt, sweater and jacket to cover the changes in temperature, particularly for the Glacier (3000 meters).  Definitely bring a water bottle.  A hat and sunscreen also.

3000m Summit

Clothing and Equipment

Your clothing should be suitable for hiking in the snow, with a variety of layers that you can adjust depending on the temperature.  Good hiking boots are essential and it's preferable that you will have worn these before to ensure that they are comfortable.  You should bring a small backpack to hold extra clothing layers, technical gear, picnic lunch and water bottle.  If you don't have a backpack then you can borrow one from your guide.  The technical equipment will include a  harness and crampons -  your guide will organise these when you meet.